Real Touch Bella Rose Full Bloom Lge Yellow (12cmDx65cmH)

Real Touch Bella Rose Full Bloom Lge Yellow (12cmDx65cmH)


SKU: 20230628003

The Real Touch Yellow Bella Rose Full Bloom is our most premium artificial rose. It features authentic petal rose veins on the inner side of each petal, giving it a lifelike appearance.
Unlike the Siena Real Touch Full Bloom Rose, this variety has a larger flower head with more petals, measuring approximately 12cm when fashioned. The leaves also have a realistic texture and look.

The stem of the rose is reinforced with wire, making it possible to bend and shape the stem into different positions.

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SKU: 20230628003 Categories: ,

Colours: Yellow

Flower Type: Rose Open

Flower Style: 240pcs in a carton

Pack Size: Single

Finish: Real Touch

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