Real Touch Bella Rose Full Bloom Lge White (12cmDx65cmH)

Real Touch Bella Rose Full Bloom Lge White (12cmDx65cmH)


SKU: 20221214004

The Real Touch White Bella Rose Full Bloom is our most premium artificial rose. It features authentic petal rose veins on the inner side of each petal, giving it a lifelike appearance.
Unlike the Siena Real Touch Full Bloom Rose, this variety has a larger flower head with more petals, measuring approximately 12cm when fashioned. The leaves also have a realistic texture.

The stem of the rose is reinforced with wire, making it possible to bend and shape the stem into different positions.

These roses are perfect for weddings and other occasions, as well as for everyday floral arrangements.

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Colours: White

Flower Type: Rose Open

Flower Style: 240pcs in a carton

Pack Size: Single

Finish: Real Touch

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